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What Sonicare Is and How It Works

what is sonicareOne of the newest types of electric toothbrushes is called a sonic toothbrush. Originally introduced on the mass market in 1992 by Sonicare, this type of brush works at the speed of sound. Here is an explanation of this.

The original sonic brush made by Sonicare is still considered to be the best toothbrush that makes use of  sonic technology. This technology is based on the vibratory speed of sound frequencies which are detectable by the human ability to hear. This means it rotates at a speed of 20 and 20,000 Hertz or Hz for short.

This speed is of a high vibration. When a name brand Sonicare is on at its fullest power it moves at over 31,000 strokes a minute. There are two different mechanisms by which the toothbrush does its cleansing and plaque removal.

A regular electric toothbrush only moves at about 2500 to about 7000 strokes a minute. This is clearly much slower than the 31,000 strokes a minute that the sonic toothbrush delivers. While Sonicare is a name brand, there are other brushes on the market. In order to be considered “sonic” they have to generate brushing speeds in the sonic range of at least 20 Hertz.

The reason these brushes are so effective is that they clean so fast, obviously. It is the speed with which the brush can move down, up or round and round as it makes one full stroke at a time. The speed at which it moves allows it to scour the teeth to a point where not only do they get thoroughly brushed, they also experience a deep plaque cleaning as well.

The precise frequency of a name brand sonic brush is 258 Hertz. This is similar to a note that many people are familiar with called the C note. When the brush is in motion it makes a sound that is in the range of the middle of this note.

These brushes are more expensive than most other types of electric toothbrushes. However, they  are well worth it because of the advantages they bring to cleaning and de-plaquing teeth. Healthy teeth experience fewer cavities and less gum disease.

While the actual name brand is for one of the world’s most popular toothbrushes, the other sonic products available do offer clear advantages. Any sonic product will help to clean teeth a lot faster than a manual brush or a traditional electric brush.

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