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How Much Is The Average Dental Insurance Plan?

How Much Is The Average Dental Insurance PlanDo you have dental insurance? Chances are that according to the NADP and Delta Dental Plans Association, you may be one of the 4 out of 10 people who do not currently have coverage. Having dental coverage is the ultimate preventative measure to finding yourself with an emergency visit and expensive bills. Covering a wide range of services, dental insurance is designed to get you in and cover problems before they go out of control. Before reading forward make sure you know the difference between a dental insurance plan and a discount dental plan.

One of the greatest roadblocks for people who do not have dental insurance covered by their employment is cost. Most people stick with covering basic health insurance if they can, which often does not include a dental insurance plan. So, lets take a moment to dispel and myths and rumors by taking a hard look at the average dental insurance plan price.

The Structure of Dental Insurance Costs

The majority of dental insurance plans will have a sliding coverage structure built into the plan. This is known as the 100-80-60 plan. What this means is that 100% of your routine dental visits will be covered. These are the twice a year checkups that you will have as part of your plan. The next number 80, refers to the 80% of coverage you will have for fillings, root canals, and other procedures that can be considered basic. The last number refers to the 50% coverage you will receive for major procedures, including bridges and crowns.

What Are The Average Annual Costs?

Are you seeking an individual policy or a policy through an employer or group? If you are looking for an individual policy provider, the be prepared to pay above average costs. The average cost per year for dental insurance is $360 a year. Now, if you have coverage through an employer or group, then you will have to pay less per year. For example, the average cost according to the NADP per year for this group is between $234 and $432. These constitute the majority of plans on the market.

Are There Any Additional Costs I should Consider?

Many dental insurance policy plans will include a maximum coverage. This is an important number to know incase something big happens and you are left with an expense that far over shadows what other parts of your plan might cover. A number of plans are capped at $1500. Check with your plan to make sure you know this number prior to signing up.


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