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Best Individual Dental Insurance For Someone Who Doesn’t Need A Family Plan

Best Individual Dental Insurance For Someone Who Doesn’t Need A Family PlanAccording to the Delta Dental Plans Association and the NADP, fewer then 6 out of every 10 people in the United States have dental insurance. As a result, a large number of Americans are not getting necessary dental work done, leading to more emergency visits then there would otherwise normally be. Lets take a moment to look at dental insurance. In particular, lets take a look at individual dental insurance policies for people who do not require a family plan. As this constitutes a large number of those who currently do not have coverage, it is our hope that this group of people will find the following information helpful in securing a plan.

Are There Individual Dental Insurance Plan


What Do Individual Dental Insurance Plans Cover?

Coverage will ultimately depend on the plan you have. That being said, there are some commonalities among dental insurance for individuals.Most people describe it as the 100-80-60 plan. This means that your plan will cover 100% of routine dental visits. These are the twice a year checkups that you will have as part of your plan. The 80% refers to the amount covered for fillings, root canals, and other procedures that can be considered basic. The 50% refers to the amount you will be covered for major procedures, including bridges and crowns.

If you have work that is beyond a major procedure in scope, then most plans come with a maximum coverage amount. An average maximum coverage amount is about $1,500. However, you should consult with your current or prospective plan to figure out exactly how much will be covered.

How Much Do These Individual Dental Insurance Plans Cost?

Individual dental insurance plans can range in cost depending on who your provider is. If you are getting dental insurance through employment and group policies, then you are looking at $234 and $432 according to the NADP. As this constitutes the vast number of individual dental insurance plans on the market, chances are you will fall into this category.

If you are seeking an individual policy, then the average price will be a little bit higher. Depending on what is currently available to you, your average individual policy will be $360 a year.

Should I Get Dental Insurance?

Many expensive operations can be addressed early on for little to no money if you have dental insurance. As a result, dental insurance can make a good fit but many individuals and families alike are finding out the benefits and cost savings of discount dental plans.

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